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Lots of people don’t understand why we’re moving out of the city.

It’s hard to describe how it feels to be past the tipping point where the annoyances and hardships of living here finally outweigh the benefits. Once you hit that point, the scale tips suddenly and hard, and everything just feels wrong until you get out.

(It’s similar to that awful period when you realize you want to break up with someone, but you decide to wait until after the vacation you planned together to do it.)

To someone who is still in the thick of it all and enjoying life here - someone for whom the benefits still make the drawbacks worth it - it’s really difficult to understand. “It’s so crowded and busy and fast-paced.” “I know! Isn’t it incredible?”

That’s why I’m going to stop trying to explain it. When someone asks me why we’re moving out of the city, I’m just going to tell them that I couldn’t handle another summer of listening to those GODDAMN FUCKING ICE CREAM TRUCKS.